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Sankt Hansgatan in central Visby

Sankt Hansgatan in central Visby

It’s not the first time that no. 47 Sankt Hansgatan has housed a brewery. Just over a hundred years ago the Wedin Brewery was located at the same address, although the exact site of today’s production used to be stables for the dray horses that transported the barrels of beer. To the south of the building now are large shop windows full of antiques. 

Over 100 years ago the ground floor housed living quarters, while Wedin’s beer was served in a beer hall on the first floor. Wedin’s Brewery closed in 1909 and a Pentecostal church moved in. Where our two copper brew kettles now stand was where the congregation sat on pews listening to the preacher, and the cellar, where we now have our pub, used to contain a baptismal font. Just a stone’s throw away, a 13th century storehouse arches over the cobbled street, while in the other direction you’ll find the Black Sheep Arms where you can try our latest trial beers. 

The street starts at the busy Hästgatan to the south, full of shops and restaurants, and crosses Tranhusgatan, almost level with the peaceful botanical gardens to the north. On the way you pass the old St Hans School, built in 1859, and the alley that leads to the legendary Munkkällaren nightclub, with its 12th century vaults and nightlife since the 1970s. 


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