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Bushveld Bulldog

Bushveld Bulldog is an IPA brewed exclusively from South African hops. The hop varieties Southern Promise, Southern Star, Southern Dawn and Southern Passion combine to give Bushveld Bulldog its citrus fruit aroma and taste of ripe orange and passion fruit, along with its rich toffee colour. The golden colour comes from our own Gotland Bulldog malt, produced from barley grown in the southern part of the island. 
The best way to enjoy Bushveld Bulldog is from a tulip-shaped glass for beers with a slightly higher alcohol content. The beer should be served at a temperature of 8–12°C.

Taste profile

Southern Passion is the most aromatic hop to come out of South Africa. It produces a powerful flavour and an aroma reminiscent of elderflower and citrus fruit. You will also detect a hint of tropical fruit such as apricot and pineapple. A full body balances the bitterness and the result is a bolder IPA along the lines of our Great White Bulldog.


India pale ale is, as the name suggests, a type of ale. It has characteristic hoppy notes, distinct bitterness and a full body that is due to a relatively high original gravity. This high original gravity usually results in a much higher alcohol content than other ales. IPA was first created in the 18th century when the trade links between India and Britain required a beer that would keep on the journey between continents. This led to the creation of a strongly hopped beer with a higher alcohol content.
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